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Supreme Commander 2 Pc

Supreme Commander 2 Pc The story begins with the assassination of the newly elected president, causing the collapse of the coalition formed during the expansion of the first part.
In both the skirmish and multiplayer modes, players start with armored command unit (ACU), which is a big, powerful, able-unit building, and their avatar on the battlefield. They build mass extractors and power generators that produce mass and energy, with a research center, which produces research points. Players can also build land, air and sea factories which produce land, air and sea units, respectively. Players can also build add-on structures, developing the capacity of existing plants.

Information about Bunch of Heroes Pc
Released: March 5, 2010
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Gas Powered Games
Genre: Games pc Strategy Games

System Requirements  
- OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
- Processor: 3.0 GHz or better, AMD or Intel CPU
- Memory: 1GB RAM (XP) 1.5GB RAM (Vista / Win 7)
- Graphics: 256 MB VRAM with Pixel Shader 3.0
- DirectX ®: DirectX 9.0
- Hard Drive: 4-5 GB for full installation and DirectX
- Sound: No hardware acceleration necessary
- Other requirements: Internet Connection with Cable / Broadband

Supreme Commander 2 PcSupreme Commander 2 Pc
Supreme Commander 2 Pc

Size: 5.09 GB

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