Cold War Pc

Cold War Pc

Cold War Pc takes place in 1986 and follows the story of a freelance journalist MatthewCarter which is in the midst of an international conspiracy that aims to control the USSR
Twelve hours after arriving in Moscow in hopes of gathering material for a story Pulitzer Prize, he is thrown into political prison of the KGB and framed for attempting to assassinate the president. Using only recovered weapons and improvised gadgets, he must now avoid or overcome elite Soviet forces and defeat the conspiracy before he is sent to a Siberian prison camp or killed.

Information about Cold War Pc
 Released: October 28, 2005
Publisher: Dreamcatcher
Developer: Mindware Studios
Genre: Action games

System Requirements     
- 1.7GHz Processor/8X CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
- 64 nVidia GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 Class Video Card
- 1.5 GB of hard drive space
- DirectX compatible sound card
- DirectX 9.0c
- 384 MB of RAM

Cold War Pc
Cold War Pc
Cold War Pc

Size: 1 GB

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