Section 8 Prejudice Pc

Section 8 Prejudice Pc

The player takes control of Alex Corde, must complete eight objective-based missions that take place in four different environments. The player can use "overdrive" to move horizontally at superhuman speeds, or activate their jet pack to reach new heights. Instead of having fixed points of recurrence, the player chooses where to "go" and character is then launched into the battlefield orbital dropships that are 15,000 feet above the surface.

Information about Section 8 Prejudice Pc
Released: May 4, 2011
Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive
Developer: TimeGate Studios
Action games / FPS Games

Minimum System Requirements  
- Operating System: XP / Vista / Windows 7
- Video Card: 3D accelerator card hardware required - 100% DirectX ® 9.0c 256MB video card and drivers
- System: Microsoft ® Windows Vista ® with Service Pack 2 or Windows ® 7
- Processor: Intel ® Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 + or better
- RAM: 2 GB of RAM
- Hard disk space: 5 GB hard drive space

Section 8 Prejudice Pc
Section 8 Prejudice Pc
Section 8 Prejudice Pc

Size: 4.5 GB

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