Dungeon Keeper 2 Pcre Pc

Dungeon Keeper 2 Pcre

the player takes the enigmatic broad floating green hand which moves around the map grasping objects, dropping form, cast spells and interact with specific objects. The game interface is blended between a large panel at the bottom of the screen and interactive elements in the world. For example, buttons to select which room, door or trap to build or spell to cast are in tabs on the panel and then fell into the position in the world. Locking and unlocking doors or activating elements is done by clicking on the item in the world. Disabling imprisonment of enemy creatures is done by clicking on a metal bar next to the prison door, barricading it closed.

Information about Dungeon Keeper 2 Pcre
Released: July 1999
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Bullfrog
Genre: Strategy Games

System Requirements
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95 (tested on Win7/64)
- Processor: Pentium 200
- Video: 8 MB
- Memory: 32 MB RAM

Dungeon Keeper 2 Pcre Pc
Dungeon Keeper 2 Pcre Pc
Dungeon Keeper 2 Pcre Pc

Size: 533 MB

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