Bionic Commando Pc

Bionic Commando Pc
Bionic Commando PC in which the player controls Nathan Spencer. The game uses several mechanics that act as barriers. These barriers are used to keep players within the linear level design. Nathan Spencer is able to target enemies while hanging, climbing a building or even in mid-swing, while using a tool called the bionic arm that can also be used to attack enemies at close range. ...

Information about Bionic Commando Pc
Released: July 17, 2009
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: GRIN
Action games
System Requirements
- OS: Win XP/Vista/7
- Processor: Pentium Core 2 Duo / Athlon X2 5200 + 2.6 GHz
- RAM: 1.5 GB
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA ® GeForce ® 7800, ATI Radeon X1900 or better 512 MB
- Sound card: compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
- Hard disk: 7.5 GB

Bionic Commando Pc
Bionic Commando PcBionic Commando Pc

Size: 1.97 GB

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