Armada 2526: Gold Edition Pc

Armada 2526: Gold Edition Pc
Mechanics fundamental game Armada 2526 is 4X an abbreviation to discover, develop, exploit, and exterminate. Players must explore the galaxy, expand their empire, exploit different resources to find and exterminate their rivals. there are no battles together, and there are several paths that players can take to victory.
The conditions for victory vary depending on the race that players choose to play. Some breeds focus on the happiness of their citizens, others focus on the development of technology, and others focus on the population. There are four different game scenarios that players can choose from, each with a different size of the game map generated randomly. These game cards can contain two to seventeen civilizations.

Information about Armada 2526: Gold Edition Pc
Year: 2012
Publisher: Matrix Games
Strategy Games / 3D Games
System Requirements 
- System: Windows XP (sp2), Vista / 7
- Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.0GHz
- Memory: 1 GB
- Video: 512 MB

Armada 2526: Gold Edition Pc

Size: 1 GB

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