Sniper Elite V2 Pc

Sniper Elite V2 Pc

Fairburne and uses several weapons at the time World War II, including sniper rifles, a pistol Welrod silence, machine guns and hand grenades German and Soviet (which can also be used to make tripwire traps). A key feature of the title is realistic ballistics, involving factors such as spin of the projectile, the wind, and the effect of holding his breath when attempting a shot.

 Information about Sniper Elite V2 Pc
Released: May 10, 2012
Publisher: Avanquest Software
Developer: Rebellion
Action games
Minimum System Requirements
- Operating system: Windows ® Vista (Service Pack 2) or Windows ® 7 (Windows ® XP is not supported)
- Processor: Dual-core CPU with SSE3 (Intel ® Pentium ® D 3GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200) or better
- RAM: 2 GB
- Hard Drive: 10 GB free disk space
- Graphics: 256 MB of graphics memory
- Sound card: Compatible DirectX 10.0
- DirectX: Version 10.0
Sniper Elite V2 Pc
Sniper Elite V2 Pc
Sniper Elite V2 Pc

Size: 5.5 GB

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