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The player is awarded one of the two factions to play as: The global megacorp RNA, or the resistance group known as the lineage. Playable races are Human, Elf, Troll and Dwarf. Each race has its own unique racial traits.
Elves are the fastest, but also the weakest race. They are slowed considerably by heavy weapons and will quickly killed by sustained fire. However, their speed made ​​for this, as well as their special ability that allows them to heal when he is not taking damage if they have gasoline available. Elves have the second largest amount of gasoline. They are best suited for hit and run tactics. Elves require gasoline if you want to heal.

Information about Shadowrun Pc
SQortie on: June 1, 2007
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: FASA Studio
Genre: Action games / FPS Games

System Requirements
- Windows Vista
- Nvidia GeForce 7800 or ATI Radeon X1800
- Dual-Core Processor 3.2 GHz single-core or
- 4.5 GB of free space
- 2 GB of RAM

Download ShadowRun Pc
Download ShadowRun Pc
Download ShadowRun Pc

Size: 1.16 GB

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