Pandemonium Pc

Pandemonium Pc
The playing area can be described as a two-dimensional surface of torsion and bending in a world in three dimensions. Sometimes this surface will overlap. For example, the main tower of the second level is a cylinder with a spiral-shaped floor.
On the way, the player can collect treasures. Collecting 300 treasure grants the player an extra life. The player can also activate a bonus level by collecting enough treasure in a level.

Information about Pandemonium Pc
Released: 1996
Publisher: BMG Interactive
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Arcade Games

System Requirements
- Operating System: Windows 98
- Processor: Pentium 90
- Memory: 16 MB
- Video: 3dfx
- Sound: Sound card
- Hard Disk: 100 MB

Pandemonium Pc
Pandemonium Pc
Pandemonium Pc

Size: 1.39 GB

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