Army Men R.T.S Pc

Army Men R.T.S Pc

gameplay requires the acquisition and control of two resources, plastic and electricity, which are necessary to construct combat units and buildings. Plastic, which is required for all normal units, is taken from everyday objects, including Frisbees, dog bowls, and toys. In addition, whenever a unit or structure is destroyed, a piece of plastic worth a fraction of its initial cost appears where it was destroyed. Plastic is 'harvested' by dump trucks. Electricity, which is required for vehicles and radio equipment operator is established from electrical items, such as batteries, toasters, and walkie-talkies. A particular structure, Depot resources must be built to collect the resources collected by dump trucks.

Informatiuons about Army Men R.T.S Pc
Year: 2002
Publisher: 3DO
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Genre: Strategy Games / RPG Games

Minimum System Requirements
 - Operating System: Windows ® 9X/Me/2k/XP
- Processor: Pentium ® 233 (PII 400 recommended)
- Memory: 64 MB RAM; (96 MB RAM recommended)
- Free space on hard disk: 310 MB
- Sound Card: DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card
- Video Card: DirectX ® 8.0 compatible with at least 16MB VRAM (32MB recommended)
- Input: Keyboard and mouse
- Windows 2000 requires a local administrator access.

Army Men R.T.S Pc
Army Men R.T.S Pc
Army Men R.T.S Pc

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