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Halo Pc

Halo focusing on combat in a 3D environment. The player can move around and look up, down, left or right. The game features vehicles, ranging from armored jeeps and tanks to hovercraft and foreign aircraft, many of which can be controlled by the player. The game switches to a third person view during vehicle use for pilots and mounted gun operators, the player character is equipped with an energy shield that destroys the damage caused by fire weapons and percussive effects. The burden of protection appears as a blue bar in the corner of the display of the game heads-up ..

Information about Halo Pc
Released: October 24, 2003
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Gearbox Software
Genre: FPS Games / Action games

PIV 1.5GHz, 128 Mo RAM carte 3D 64 Mo, Win 98/ME/2000/XP

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Minimum System Requirements
- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- PIV 1.5GHz
- 128 MB RAM
- 64MB 3D map

Halo Pc
Halo Pc
Halo Pc

Size: 1,4 GB

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