Roads of Rome III Pc

Roads of Rome III Pc

The Roman Empire is flourishing , everything seems to be quiet and peaceful. Our well-known characters Julia and Victorius are absolutely happy awaiting the birth of their first child , and it seems that nothing threatens the glory of the Great Kingdom . However, one day a messenger arrives in Rome spreading the bad news about Barbarians that are destroying the Roman provinces . Nobody but Victorius and his army can resist the enemy and protect Rome from the forthcoming disaster . You are again asked by Caesar to repel barbarian invasion that exists in remote provinces and threatens to devastate the entire empire. There is nothing else left to Victorius , but to go on a journey to fight the enemy in Roads of Rome III ! Be brave and luck will not leave you , clear your way and build roads, help Romans get their prosperous and peaceful life back! Restore broken roads and settlements , with the exception of the Roman Empire a barbarian invasion.

Information about Roads of Rome III Pc
Released: September 2012
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Genre: Strategy Games

System Requirements
Windows 7/Windows Vista / Windows XP
3 or equivalent GHzPentium 1.2
512 MB ​​of RAM
DirectX 9.0

Roads of Rome III Pc
Roads of Rome III PcRoads of Rome III Pc

Size: 101 MB

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