Little Inferno Pc

Little Inferno Pc

The player assumes the role of a small (largely invisible) character who has the fiction "Small Fireplace Entertainment Inferno", which he uses to incinerate various objects, such as toys and appliances, to keep warm in a strange weather change causing it to freeze all the time. On the ears of corn at a stuffed bunny through a toaster or a mini-hydrogen bomb, we only have to choose from to play virtual arsonists. silver release objects when they are burned, which is used to buy more consumable items from catalogs by mail. Burn flaming logs in Little Inferno, robots screaming, credit cards, batteries, fish explosion, unstable nuclear devices and tiny galaxies in Little Inferno.

Information about Little Inferno Pc
Released: November 18, 2012
Developer: Tomorrow Corporation
Genre: Puzzle games

System Requirements
- System: Windows XP (SP2), Vista / 7
- Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.0 GHz
- Memory: 1 GB
- Video: 128 MB

Little Inferno Pc
Little Inferno Pc
Little Inferno Pc

Size: 132 MB

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