Download Blitzkrieg 2 Pc

Download Blitzkrieg 2 Pc

Blitzkrieg 2 with objects of primary and secondary mission that are connected to other missions in a tree structure. Blitzkrieg 2 is an evolution of its predecessor Blitzkrieg. The game takes place in Africa, Russia, the Pacific and Europe, and has 6 different factions portrayed in the game who fought in their respective fields of battle during the war. Success on the battlefield and the realization of the secondary outcome objectives to obtain benefits and promotions, and a larger number of units that the player can control. In addition to a large number of missions, units and coastal war battles and air, a new reinforcement option provides the player with a greater strategic freedom. Blitzkrieg 2propose also a new 3D engine and a map editor that allows players to create their own battle maps.

Information about Blitzkrieg 2 Pc
Released: October 20, 2005
Publisher: Focus
Developer: Nival Interactive
Strategy Games

Minimum System Requirements
- Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- Processor: 1 GHz
- Memory: 384 MB
- Hard Disk: 2.5 GB of free space
- Video Memory: 64 MB
- Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
- DirectX: 9.0c
- keyboard
- mouse
- DVD Rom

Download Blitzkrieg 2 Pc
Download Blitzkrieg 2 Pc
Download Blitzkrieg 2 Pc

Size: 2,6 GB

Download Blitzkrieg 2 Pc For Free

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