Angels Fall First: Planetstorm Pc

Angels Fall First: Planetstorm Pc

Angels Fall First : Planetstorm is located in a world of science fiction during the period known as the War Antarean period . An outbreak of hostilities between the Empire previously submitted and forcefully integrated Antarean and several alliance known as the League of United Planets stellar States. The war itself was inevitably caused by a variety of reasons. The gradual decline of the League (which was itself created out of necessity during the First War Antarean ) , the rise of nationalism in the Antareans , and the restoration of old alliances with rebel factions Antarean . Angels Fall First : Planetstorm plays both on the ground with combat vehicles , aircraft and infantry , and space with a wide variety of spacecraft from small fighters to capital ships . The game incorporates both in a single level , allowing the infantry to board an enemy ship and engage in the war of traditional infantry while the ship itself is moving and engaging enemy ships. The gameplay is geared towards online multiplayer, but has support for a player off line also with robots.

Information about Angels Fall First: Planetstorm Pc
Year: 2012
Developer: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm Team
Genre: FPS Games

System Requirements
System: Windows XP (SP2), Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.0GHz
Memory: 2GB
Video: 512 MB

Angels Fall First: Planetstorm Pc
Angels Fall First: Planetstorm PcAngels Fall First: Planetstorm Pc

Size: 782 MB

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